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【Halloween's Meaning】

Halloween is every year on November 1st. The night of October 31st is called Halloween Night. Pumpkin lanterns, children asking for candy, fancy dress parties, all happen on this night.

At that time, people believed that the dead souls of the deceased would return to their former homes to find creatures in the living people on this day, thereby regenerating, and this is the only hope for a person to be reborn after death.

The child dressed up in various horror looks, ringing the neighbor’s doorbell door by door, yelling "Trick or Treat!" (Trick or Treat!), the host (maybe also wearing scary costumes) would bring out some candy, chocolate orIt's a small gift. Some families even use special sound effects and cigarette making machines to create an atmosphere of horror

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People who are alive are afraid of dead souls to take their lives, so people turn out the fire and candlelight on this day, so that the dead cannot find the living, and they dress themselves up as monsters and ghosts to scare away the dead souls.


It is a good time.


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On Halloween, children will carry pumpkin lanterns and wear all kinds of weird costumes and go from door to door to ask for candies. If you refuse to give candies, the children will be very angry and use various methods to punish you.
People disguised themselves as vampires, zombies, witches, Frankenstein and other weird figures, allowing citizens to visit the venue. The attendees are not limited to age, gender, class or nationality. Even if you are a coward, you can join them.
On busy streets, halloween ghost decorations have been seen hanging around. Many department stores are also busy stacking festive gifts and clothing in their windows, attracting many passers-by to stop and watch, and supermarkets and markets are also showing up
Halloween is also called the Ghost Festival. In order to cater to the theme, most people paint the corners of their mouths and eyes with bloody looks, which look very scary.
The witch is also one of the most popular roles on Halloween. Just like the costumes of Snow White and the witches in the 7 Dwarfs, it will be a very good experience. You can try it!


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Best places to travel for Halloween


The liveliest Halloween in Asia

Tokyo Disney will also hold large-scale festivals, and children will dress up on this day and be very lively.Moreover, the red leaves in the mountains of Japan in late autumn are full of Zen, which is the best time to travel.

United States-California

Giant pumpkin contest

Local people use pumpkins to make delicacies, carry out carvings, hold pumpkin parades, and popular giant pumpkin contests. The scene is very lively.If you are a coward and afraid of those bloody and terrifying makeup, you might as well go to California, USA to participate in an extraordinary Halloween event!


Mexico Day of the Dead

A grand ceremony is held on November 1st and 2nd every year, especially in Oaxaca in the south. The streets of the city are decorated with skulls, skeletons and chrysanthemums. The crowds are dressed in special costumes and painted with white skulls.